Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ethiopian Food

I heard people back from a trip criticizing local African food. Yes, it can happen, like everywhere in the world. But when you select a restaurant is it always up to your expectations? Or you go back to your usual restaurant where you know what to choose ? 

Try next time you go to Ethiopia to enjoy to be around a nice plate with many colours, spices, veggies and different kinds of meat, egg and fish. 
Sit around with friends. 
Use your hand to roll down N'jera, then pick up a bite, the mix you prefer, as spiced as you wish. Roll it up in an easy ball to stick it easily in your mouth. Help yourself, and look into the eyes of the person sitting around your same plate and the next bite you will prepare …… it will be for her!!! Prepare it nicely and offer it to her to shovel it down her mouth. It is a sign of LOVE.

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