Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I have a dream - ABBA (1979)

Very often, when I was young, I was staring at clouds, the rays so straight and aligned,  how many shades of blue in the sky, I was wondering what my life would be. I was never a great student, though teachers always said I had great capacities and wisdom, I liked languages and geography. Had cousins all excellent, a very proud mother of his son, my brother.

I liked dreaming and organizing. I liked setting up things even in my dreams. I always had faith in myself. I believed in God like I do still now, a lot. I was sure of my strength and not worried to eventually have to fight a life or work hard to achieve.
I have been very lucky with my first job which, then, pushed me to take two financial courses at AMA/MCE in Salzburg. I liked the position of controller. That task allowed me to be inside the matter and discuss. During meetings be in between marketing and financial directors.

It was nice.... but my dream was to be free!


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