Thursday, July 23, 2015

I want to break free - Queen (1984)

Have you ever felt the need to escape, maybe for long, but maybe just for a while.  Maybe just to wash out your head, like a need of a brainwash.... that strong need that makes you want to be thrown in a different world, in a different life. That freedom that will loosen up your chains and make you fly. To give you those days to find your strength again to go back to your regular life with a big smile. Your life can be wonderful, full of happiness, full of routine. Even in this case, one needs a break!

This needs a special place on Earth.
This needs to escape in a corner of the World where for few days nobody will get in touch with you. You will be able to switch off.

North Kafue, Katavi, Lugenda. Parks to be considered. Not for anybody, not for any mood or need. Each of it has its own "duty" ! - Wild, elegant, deep in the heart of Africa!

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