Thursday, July 23, 2015

Stressed out

There are moments when you need to give your body a break, sometimes not only a break from work, but also to break free!
So you leave, you take an airplane that will fly you up in the sky and the moment you leave soil, you know you can leave everything behind. Sometimes it is not easy and nowadays with cells and notebooks and any sort of communication, you could actually be easily traceable.
But there are moments that you want to be on your own, by yourself, or only with your lover: no childdren, no grandparents, no mother and father in laws. Your lover can be the one of a life time, can be the one of that moment. Can be anything as long as it makes you happy.

So you land in the bush…. and the bush waits for you always!
It is always there, never the same as the day before or as the last time you left it...
... but still it is there, in the wild with its sounds and its smells.

I am not talking about traveling for a trip to visit a country. I am talking to leave for a journey to be spent in one of the wonderful sites Africa offers. It can be you and Africa alone in that very spot!

One hut, among green bushes, where antelopes roam, where birds sing and then they stop when someone they feel dangerous goes by, baboons jumping, elephants leaving their big footsteps behind and you always wonder how many feet of yours actually fit in that footprint.
Little by little, Africa will turn your thoughts and you will find yourself remembering how the ranger of the trip before this, taught you to recognize the direction an elephantprint. Was it the hind foot on top of the front or is it vice versa?

There are special moments that come during each hour of the day, from when you start breakfast with a nice tray full of interesting tastes or when coffee comes before going on a safari trip.  

You do not need to go on safari every day because the place you have chosen is right in the middle of the bush with no boundaries. So everything can happen also there, in front of your verandah while reading a book or drying your hair in peace after a nice shower on the deck.

But when the rays of the sun are not so hot anymore or even in the early hours of the morning you wish to go out and explore, your ranger is there for you!  

This is a great feeling of freedom! Something you have to give yourself any now and then!

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