Thursday, July 23, 2015

Traveling with children can be easy, too!

You only need more organization than when traveling with infants.  
But let's say you are a parent that likes to travel and therefore you have immediately worked on this from an early stage.
This means that strollers have not been used often or at all, that kid is not used to be on the laps of one parent. It is VERY IMPORTANT  to keep interest on your child on the trip while organizing it, so he also has expectations.

So, the child will walk speedy steps to check-in, through check-points, will carry a small rucksack on the shoulder or even drag a small personal bag easy for the child to open and close. All of this makes the child independent immediately, no matter the age, it's a vital thing for them. A real goal for the future!

NEVER THINK A CHILD WOULD NOT UNDERSTAND or could not be interested. They are interested in everything all the way, so traveling has to become a joy and a way to study the world and people!

PLAY YOUR FIRST GAME AT AIRPORTS!  When queing for passport control and scan, organize what to put in the plastic container. This exercise, if done happily, will take the stress out of the future adult person that the child will become.

So, since you will have to "wait" on line, MAKE IT INTERESTING!
"What have we to take out or lay on the rolling tray?" ...
Usually there are small movies that tells you what and what not. Have your child, even if young, be interested in it. Your child will start to become independent.
"What has to go through the ... dark tunnel"
"What are the officers looking for?"
"Why do you have to take your shoes and belt off?"
"Let's pack everything in this plastic container."
While sitting and waiting for your check-in time, start watching with your child other people traveling? It is very curious to see how many things they notice and these things are so different from what we adults would say. So let them be the first pointing them out without "pointing to it" -

"What language are they talking?" - a child might not recognize it, but they will hear the sound of the language. They will start recognizing the strong accent of the Germans and the Scandinavian people, the melodic sound of Spanish and Portuguese, the way Italians speak with their hands, the way Arab people dresses, the difference in color skin.... Be happy in doing this, thoughit is best never to criticize a race. Your child will grow with a large wide open mind and reach own thoughts and see that eventhough there are differences we all do the same things.
Lamberto in Madagascar on Rue du Baobab

My experience: WHAT  A  MESS !!!
Charlotte has behaved just like all the things I mentioned above! I thought I had found the correct balance!
When Lamberto was born, all my certainties were torn in pieces and flushed down the drain.
Flights were always night time, it is best. I stuck the first bottle in his mouth to calm him down while organizing things on my seat, he drank it all in a sec! I stuck a second one while taxing on the runway but then we had delays..... By the time we reached Windhoek, 12 hours later, we used up all the milk, the water, the diapers, the extra clothes.  Just before starting the descend, I took him to the toilets to change him again. I had no more clean change, so I used the first set of clothes that by then were dry again but still smelling of pee.  He was standing on the counter in the toilet room, I pulled down his pants and opened his diapers. I was not quick enough. With his gorgeous smile, he let go such a long pee right on my face and on my clothes! We landed in Windhoek with a special perfume all over the both of us! We were damp and dripping! I handed him over grandma just like an unwanted parcel. She was waiting for us outside the airport and for the rest of the day I cared less what his needs were!

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