Thursday, July 23, 2015

Traveling with infants is easy

Just do not panic when you start deciding. It will stop you by doing the correct things.

Just do not panic when you start packing. You will be adding far too much in your case and in your rack-sack and in your handbag. Far too much.

Just make a list. Then reduce the list. Then cut it in half. You are almost there!

First rule starts when the baby is born! 
From scratch they need to be used to different tastes and smells. To different sounds and lights. To be hold in different arms. To be hold in your arms, on your back! To be near and far from mommy and daddy. To walk on their own as soon as they can. Not to rely on strollers and of course not to be carried in someone's arms with the excuse that they are young. If they have the power to cray all night or play all day long, they can stand and walk too.

Though, you might want to teach your baby to climb on your shoulder and find a comfortable way to be carried without the use of the adults arm and hand. Just like African ladies.

What is the most important thing for your baby?  If you are still breast feeding that milk is not heavy at all to bring along.
If you use bottles then think of one envelope of dry MILK to add in water, one for every two hours. So a long flight of 10hours, you will need 5 envelopes of powdered milk. The attendants on flight will heat it up for you and mix it carefully. They have all the equipment as to do so. If the baby is still in diapers, take two for each bottle of milk.

Do you want an alternative to milk? No juices as they make the baby pee a lot. We need to keep the baby hydrated. So it could only be WATER, no sugar, not necessary!

So in your baby-handbag you will only need some diapers, envelopes of powdered milk, 3 sets of light-easy to wear-no tight elastic around the waist kind of clothes. A warm sweatshirt with large cap to cover the head from freezing plane-air conditioning. ONLY ONE TOY: a doll, a puffy animal whatever it is more familiar to the baby. No need more as on the plane there is already much of a distraction and many are the objects the baby mind will capture.

Never put MEDICINE or vital health matters in the bag you give in at check-in. All TOP important items have to be with you on the plane, but only vital, no extras. All medicine for infant have to be put in one container separate from the one for adults. Important medicine have to be labeled well and clear and have an instruction note-pad in the medicine container, should anybody elese have to help.

A POUCH FOR ALL DOCUMENTS. I never liked those plastic envelopes with zipper or hermetic closure that hang from your neck and is stored under your shirt! I must confess, when traveling with infants or young babies, those are very handy. You will not have to chaise docs somewhere in your bag. But you might want to use, instead, one of the pockets of your handbag just for that: only for copy of your tickets, passports, instructions. What I used to do, instead, is to wear a coat/jacket/elegant three-quarter coat with at least one big and easy pocket that has a snap button. In this case, should my hands and arms be all occupied for the baby and stuff, I can always ask for help to dig in my pocket for docs.

The person that will keep the baby in the arms while TAKING OFF and LANDING has to be relaxed and not fear the plane. It is best for everyone even for other passengers. If you fear the plane you will transmit it to your child and tears and shouts will just run out of the baby's mouth and eyes.
While taking off and as soon as the plane starts descending, this means about 30-20 min. before landing, the baby has suck or chew depending on age. This will help relax and not have ear pain.

SO FIRST THING RELAX, be comfortable in your easy going clothes. Nothing stretch, nothing too bulky that could get stuck in hooks or handle when you walk in transit.
Easy, comfortable walking shoes. You might have to walk distance in transit or after custom to reach your gate.
You might want to take your shoes off during the flight, watch it, after pregnancy you might have more water retention than usual and your feet might be puffy at the end of the flight (more than usual) so shoes have to be "comfortable" - slip-in (Crocks ) or large fluffy boots (Hugs ) if you are traveling to cold countries or flip flops (I like "Ipanema Flip-flops") if to warm countries.

You need extra wild shoes? Take into consideration  "Old Stars Converse " sneakers without laces and not to the ankle. They are light in weight and soft. You can even sneak it in a corner of your bag.

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