Thursday, August 13, 2015

How Africa has helped us

Many years ago, while living with Sudanese kings in the Nuba mountains, they used to tell us about other tribes to be found over those hills, there, where the soil was fertile because of a great river....
We had arrived in Sudan from Mali after spending years on the West Coast of Africa. We lived with the people of the country learning from them the African Style. A great experience of life being so close to them that linked us to Africa and to recognize and blend with their believes.

In 1985 we left with old books of  Vittorio Bottego explorer, old maps and sketches left from Mussolini’s period, to look for "women with tail" and the ones with the "lip plate". We lived five years under Mengistu rule in the South of Ethiopia. Our home was the great trees of Mago National Park. Nobody had seen a white skin below Konso and Jimka, neither in Maji.

The Zamai Chief got to know Marco and I, and welcomed us each time we would pass by with our small groups of customers. Very special customers who wanted to live an experience of a life time, going back to a primordial age. They were ready to sleep uncomfortably under the stars and on the banks of the Omo River among crocodiles and hippos to meet the wonderful people of the Mursi, Karo, Bume, Galleb, Hammer, Borana. The singing wells, the untouched soil going from Kaffa to Chew Bahir. Pity that those days are gone! Now tourism has taken control over the peace and quite of their lives. Roads and hotels are built to facilitate the tourism market.

Susan crossing Chew Bahir with German customers - 1987

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