Thursday, September 24, 2015

Walk on the wild side

I was there, in the Caprivi “corridor”! A fantastic place to be. I reached the lodge driving on my car on a fluffy sandy road full of footprints of any kind of animal from elephants to cats to antelopes for something like 1 hour leaving the main road.

 The sign for the lodge finally appears and it leads you around the turn of a big acacia tree where vultures and marabouts are having a “special” reunion.

You hardly notice the lodge, but when you step down, you walk a bit further, there it appears, up above somehow floating in the air where hot golden rays were finding the way through the rich vegetation.
I spot the entrance sign:  just a walkway like a “cat-walk” all the way up. The main lodge opens wide in front of you. Everything is organized on stilts. Beam so long and so unevenly shaped.

Why did they have to build a lodge that high above ground?  

– Yes, it is an elegant and extremely precious lodge, but the height?

They welcomed me with a nice cool drink and a perfumed cloth to wipe my face as most of the top class lodge nowadays do.  There, Dusty comes along, such a long time I had not seen him, it was great to hug him again.

"I came to see you lodge."  "Come along I will show you around."

We walked on this cat-walk and in some spots really high above, I could hardly recognize what was on the floor.

Later that day, while the sun was about to fall over, while the sky was in its peak red, while the sound of silent mixed with that bit of tingling air, I found myself walking to my luxurious tent and below me a family of about 10 elephants moving silently underneath my feet….

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