Saturday, October 31, 2015

Yummy good fish plate

I love Mozambique.

I love the lay back feeling, that feeling that makes you loose the sense of time.
Last year I took an helicopter flight to fly over the Southern Coast of Mozambique, right from Costa de Ouro up to Maputo.

Great feeling of wilderness: on one side the bush and green, ponds with hippos and crocks, some antelope here and there.

On the other side the ocean, the Indian Ocean, blue with its white waves reaching the white sand and bays.

I love even to land in Maputo and spend a day around town (I love African cities, maybe I am one of the few).  First thing I did that day, since it was about time for lunch, ..... out of the airport, where we landed, I found my friend with his cart !  Great !  .... Right to the Market !

 It is a great experience, you can do this also in DAR but Maputo is great !  Reaching the market everybody wants to tell you what to do, but as soon as they see you are used to it, they only suggest the fresh fish just came in that morning and you can see it still alive.

Maputo Fish Market
Have no time to go and cook, but there is no need for it as, ladies throw whatever you have chosen in a dark plastic bag and away I go around the corner where many other ladies are ready to fry it, steam it or do it the way you prefer.

I usually get the king prawns grilled and a good soup plate of squid or calamari. I like fried fish only when I am in Italy, here in Africa I rather have it grilled and maybe even with less garlic as they put a big handful.

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