Monday, November 2, 2015

Down the slopes of Ngorongoro Crater

The day is hot. It started after a nice slice of cake and a cup of coffee.  Descending the slopes, on a zip-zap stony road, among high vegetation, large leaves, many shade of green, and some red and orange flowers, it take about an hour, to reach the bottom, down into the crater. During that time you are anxious to spot animals. The scent during the wild slope tells you that they are all around.

Actually you have seen few just before leaving your marvelous “hut”. Baboons are often around.
The Land Rover is about to take back again an horizontal position, as you are at the bottom of the crater and immediately you are surrounded by zebras, long neck giraffes, wildebeest, warthogs  scrubbing the land worried about the sound of the car. They run away with their straight tail up.
 Not far, and maybe under an oasis of Acacia Erioloba and Acacia Tortilis, some elephants silently look for pods.
You will have the chance to see many animals in the crater, here is good grass, lots of vegetation, nice climate. Besides seeing lions close to your car and other wild animals, the most interesting part is when you return home, almost in the dark. 

The area is nice, the landscape is nice, the crater is nice, the lodge is nice and intriguing, safari are so-so. This is not a place you go for safari, it is a place to say: "I have been there".
But again, these are my feelings and should I recommend it to some of my clients, I have better see how they feel for, because many times it has happened that customer have found it great! And it is important for me not to let my personal feeling interfere with the choices. But I surely recommend it for honeymooners, these are the places to go! Because the lodge and the accommodation are something special.

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