Monday, November 2, 2015

Great stay for a honeymoon trip


If you are planning a honeymoon trip and you have never been to Africa, the Northern part of Tanzania is a top class honeymoon trip. You get to have in one single trip all you want from Africa, just like Lion King movie. That feeling is there. 
The wide lost savanna, the yellow grass, the umbrella thorn trees, the animal grazing below the trees. The sun shining but also some clouds and sometimes some rains that makes the road tougher to drive.

The only lodge worth choosing is the most expensive one, but still worth any dime! It has been photographed by many photographers of any style and it has been filed in many House magazines and special books. The lodge looks like a big Masaai hut a bit reviewed but then, when you open the wooden door, there is a wonderful mix of British and Baroc Style. This seems a contrast but it blends wonderfully together. Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

Not actually my kind of soup for Africa, but I still recognize that it is a nice place to see once in your life time.

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