Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Something chic to remember

Paul Bauer left the company where he had worked for many years as CEO and he decided to send us a gift, a special gift for all the work we have done together...
I left the colored market of Zanzibar with all the scents, songs of Bob Marley and crossed the green island of Zanzibar to reach almost the Northern tip.  

The car left us there on a sandy… pre-beach.
The driver showed us the way to the beach and the dusty water. Many fishermen where there already working on their nets and on the fish just caught.

A nice motorboat was waiting for us where the water was deeper. Some fishermen came to pick our bags up and bring them to the boat. We walked through a muddy sand trying not to catch in any rocky stone. The driver had given us rubber shoes to wear for this stretch, but I do not like anything that folds my feet and keeps them tight!
We climbed on the boat and we left Zanzibar Island for a special 4-days-relax and something chic!

A small atoll suddenly appeared with a small bunch of green right in the middle. It looked like the hairstyle of many young teen-agers nowadays…. a bunch on the tip of a round boulder! In this case on the tip of white fluffy coral sand. Nothing could be seen from shore apart that white sand and green leaves.

As we approached, an elegant wide open hut appeared: you could see the elegancy because of big white and blue cushions and a big wooden table right in sight positioned for a nice welcome under a thatched banana leave roof.
A butler and the hosts of the island came to meet us with a fresh drink and perfumed wet towels.
We got off the boat and never put our shoes on again till we returned to Zanzibar Airport.  It was great!

Our banda was great, wide veranda and an extension hut out of the bush right on the edge of where the white sand starts overlooking the water. This actually gave more privacy to each “banda”: the cottage, wide and comfortable, luxurious open-space bathroom, a small sandy path to lead you to the sea and to the extra hut-shade with two nice long-angareb to lay on it without having to go back to the chalet. Great relaxing time and great gift !  Thank you Paul !

Mnemba Island

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