Tuesday, November 17, 2015

With infants in the desert

I want to write this post because many of my customer asking me a trip to Namibia to share with their family always think the most important place to spend days is Etosha because of the animals…  “you know, children want to see the lion….”

I understand what mothers have in mind: they want to make their children look forward to the trip, want to keep something easy in their mind and something vivid in their thoughts till the day comes to travel, they want to “make sure” this is a trip that will be remembered and no hassle with the husband that already is thinking….. “what am I going to do all day long with the family without the excuse of my job, with the usual daily problems, with the usual daily wording…. without being able to run to the newspaper-stand and shelter myself behind a large daily newspaper….” 

This post is for the children and not for husbands, so I will go on with what children like, or at least, what children have always shown to like best!
Lamberto at Dead Vlei, Namib Desert
Yes, it is true, animals have a big impact on them. Not only seeing lions which is something that can easily happen in Etosha, although it is not a zoo and you always have to have a bit of luck. If you will notice, they are amazed on the quantity of springbok, on how they run and jump, on how impalas fight and run for each other, on how zebras stand so still once you are close to them letting you count the stripes. Zebra’s stripes are always loved. You can stare at them and see how many patters there can be…

But when the desert appears a child remains without words and with such a light in the face that you can tell by the incredulous look how amazed they are and how anxious they are to let go…. this wonderful feeling of freedom, of being able to get out of the car and run…. where ??? anywhere and anyhow because there are no limits…
Charlotte and Lamberto reaching for Big Daddy in Sossusvlei

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