Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Going Fishing in the Channel

How about going fishing and take this AS AN ALTERNATIVE EXPERIENCE!

Susan in Madagascar
There are so many places around the world. One I can suggest is living an experience along Mozambique Channel either on the Mozambique shore or on the side of Madagascar sandy beaches.

You do not need much, just a Kikoy, that you might have taken in a previous trip to Tanzania (see Kikoy post)…. that would be great –a strong sun cream, sun glasses and mineral salts to drink. Sun burns are easy to get!

My children in Madagascar: Charlotte and Lamberto
Beside this, what can be said from a sandy island like Madagascar…. Let’s start from the villages of Sakalawa and Vezo tribes. Pictures can easily explain.

Susan in Madagascar
This is a great trip to do with small children as all villages are full of young ones and many of them like to play football on the sand and make up football camps with broken and torn fishermen nets.

Girls love to braid hair in many different ways. Women and daughters love to weave even straw to prepare banana-sheets to cover roofs and walls of their houses, while man fix roofs.

Following women to pick small fishes and crabs in shallow water during low tide is also a fun way to spend the day.

Helping fishermen to mend their nets and sail up with them on colored wooden sail-boats to reach the coral barrier for bigger fish is a full day experience.

Late afternoon is time to set up fire on the sand, clean fish, stick them on skewers and set them around the flames to cook.

When Sunday comes, everybody at church and the singing can be heard from far away; the bell hanging from a weak pole calls all the village people to run and be on time.

When my children were young, they loved to live in these villages. It was a great moment of freedom for them while I had my own time to lay on a hammock to read a nice book under the shade of a coconut tree.

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