Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Towards the river in the heart of Madagascar

In the “JUNGLE” of Madagascar

Susan in Africa

I remember when I first got to the island. Many European tour operators where not happy on how Madagascar was proposed. Once I got to the Island I understood why.

The Island can be seen in a conventional way, along the main route down to Tulear starting from beautiful Tanà, (short way for Antananarivo) the capital, and its great markets.... but this is only one way of seeing and encountering people

 How can you get the real feeling of wilderness and freedom across a great landscape ?
 One way, is going .....
                                                                           .....  INTO THE DEEP HEART OF THE ISLAND
Susan in Africa

Here is where you will encounter real lemurs jumping on high slim trees. Their body make the trees swing and as the lemurs stretch out for the next branch, it looks like the tree knows how to bend itself enough to allow them to touch or fly over to the next one. 

or, ....

Susan in Africa
 .... green vegetation and cultivated land show a rainbow of colors moving in front of your eyes going to pale shades to darker colors.

Susan in Madagascar
Very different sunset from what we are used in Continental Africa ...


You get all smooth shades of green and reddish, light orange that turns into dark orange, pale yellow that turns into dark yellow, pale pink that turns into antique pink. Even the shades of fruit have their transformation.

Never a color in Madagascar is too strong or too harsh. Everything is sweet and light. Yes, light. Just like the light of the sun: hot but not hard, shiny but not cutting. Welcoming you with each ray, just like the ray of the smile of the people in Madagascar: their white strong teeth and their almond cut eyes. Wonderful tan skin on beautiful young girls.

And what about the boys...

Through gorge and escarpment, through falls and fresh water streams, you reach the river and you stop with your car: you proceed on boats towards other gorge, pinnacles, tzingy and stratifications.

You live a couple of nights along the river with the sound of the forest 
and the running of the water.

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