Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ibo - Build on Coral Rock

Build on White Coral Rock

A Legendary Town is Growing Back Again to Its Glory!

Following the Coral Routes, from Northern Tanzania South to the Mozambique Islands, I arrived from the sea, by a wooden dhow boat, just like once they did, but with my iPad…..

As soon as my feet touched ground again, I realized, how soft and warm also this part of the coast is and the whitness of the sand so flashing. My toes were already dancing… I headed towards thatched-roofs hidden in the small bushes and I knew I found myself in a new paradise.

Once it was a master port for merchants coming from the Indies, sailing from the East, coming from Arabia, flowing down along the African coast. Meeting with the Africans and with the Portuguese… leaving behind sad stories… lonely families… broken hearts.

But life is coming back to earth, sweet water is there, coconut trees give good fruits, 
birds splash their ways, legendary villas bloom again.

I lay down comfortably amazed of the great atmosphere
and happy to be able to relax in the many corners the villa offers
letting me choose according from where the sunrays shine, 
just like in olden days, these houses were build knowing how to give pleasure 
without the necessity of a roaring AC.

Two spots: Two swinging chairs. 
One for the morning, One for the late afternoon…
.. but what for the evening ? ...

.... silence.... this moment is just for you !

Susan for  KALAHARI
'From Susan's visit to a legendary town coming to life again.  November 2013'

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