Monday, July 11, 2016



1st of September, KALAHARI shall be celebrating the rare annual Solar Eclipse in the Quirimbas.

The very special moment when the  Earth, Moon and Sun will align in this amazing Archipelago, creating a unique natural spectacle. It will be a very special occasion whereby the moon shall not cover completely the sun creating the image of a ring of fire.

A once of a lifetime opportunity for a very few selected guests to join the Eclipse Safari which will run from the 29th August to the 03rd September.

The guests can observe the eclipse from a remote island beach camp, mobile camps will be set up on very special spots and also very long dhows (traditional boats) will be set up with chef and skipper for visitors to be able to observe this phenomenon with an unimaginable view of the horizon, whilst sailing in the pristine, calm, waters of these islands and savouring the islands food specialties. A once of a lifetime SEA SAFARI!

Contact us for a detailed program.

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