Friday, July 29, 2016

Diamonds are forever

Namibia is surely a great place for diamonds! I do not know if any of you has been to The Diamond Shop in Windhoek, while visiting Namibia.

In Windhoek, at Craft Center

Usually my customers go there on their first day after landed and after Kalahari’s briefing at the residence: my home!

Susan's Home in Windhoek
But many of you might not know that there is a great lodge in South Africa bordering Botswana and almost close to the Namibian border where family De Beers have a resort: a Private Game Reserve.

I can say this is one of the best places to lay back and relax. Being in the Kalahari’s sun, walking on hot red dunes. Vegetation not that thick.

A paradise for children all ages! They get to learn a lot from the wonderful rangers. Lamberto has spent a lot of time with them and once he has been able to sit at the trekker-chair…. That has been wild for him as that time he was very young!

Lamberto with rangers learing and sitting on the trek chair!
All private excursions leave the lodge at the time you desire, even if at 4am should you want to wait the sunrise in the Kalahari Desert having a cup of hot coffee with Suricates coming out for b’fast.

Suricates come out very early in the morning, but it is great all their wake-up toiletteries
But never stopping in search of cats, at a certain point we discovered interesting footprints:

Soon after, we discovered one in the bush and immediately after, instead of hiding away, two of them crossed our path. It was so lovely and we stopped to let them do and go wherever they wanted.

There is also a great little SPA behind the main area, hidden among rocks and scrub not to disturb the site. Lying on your bed you still can look around....
Ostrich in the Kalahari Desert
...but then night comes ...

... it is good night

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