Friday, January 20, 2017


Today, marking the third day of this international fair in Madrid, was quite eventful, as we assisted to the queries of many visitors, while also attending to the so long-awaited eco-tourism conferences presented by FITUR GREEN.  

This year FITUR does not only showcase the world's endless destinations under one roof, but it also exhibits the world's natural grandeur, to remind us also what is worth protecting, and how to contribute to it whilst travelling.

It aims to act as a meeting point for innovation and technology in the touristic environment, in a very critical moment of global and social change. Ample spaces have been converted into unique spaces where influential people, as well as the general public meet to discuss and share; ideas, knowledge, experiences, and learn about sustainability and technology as a main thread for future development.

Photography by Mandy Farrugua -  FITUR 37th Edition - Madrid 2017

Emphasising on such environmental responsibility, FITURGREEN conducted statistical studies of the European tourism markets, and results show that a considerable amount of travellers, require; good quality eco-friendly services, and accommodation which abides by ecological sustainable standards.

This was also one of the main topics during today's conference "LA INNOVACION Y LA INTELIGENCIA EN TURISMO SOSTENIBLE" by Mr. Luis Garcia, Chief of developing business and modernisation of an established organisation in Spain, and Ms. Claudia Lisboa responsible for the Nearly Zero Energy Hotels (NZEH)project, aiming to direct hotels to introduce new technologies to contribute to ZERO ENERGY ACCOMMODATION. Although, it was quite a challenge to follow their fast Spanish speech, it was a very important eye opening experience. Starting with understanding that all tourist establishments consume 24hours a day of energy, Mr. Garcia emphasised that in order to advance we must also look far ahead, and combine both innovation and sustainability. He pointed out that if one of these two concepts fail, we will not succeed in our future projects. Whilst on the other hand, Ms. Lisboa, with her reports and presentations of various hotels who adopted sustainable innovative measures, proved that it is possible to achieve the impossible, and gave us examples of how these touristic establishments passed from a certain amount of energy consumption to almost nothing, due to their collaboration with NZEH projects.

 Photography by Mandy Farrugua -  FITUR 37th Edition - Madrid 2017

As a very well established Tour Operator, KALAHARI Namibia Tailor Made Tours has been contributing considerably towards the environment. Cognisant of Africa’s endangered wildlife and marine life, it has always insisted in offering ECO- SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL PROPOSALS, whereby ground services, such as lodges, transportation during safaris, and other services provide special attention to the preservation of their natural surroundings, eliminating the negative repercussions which may be caused by tourism.

As an example, KALAHARI was one of the first to design routes to:
  • The unpretentious beauty of the private atolls of the Indian Ocean, most of which are dedicated on the protection of habitat and nesting sites for marine life, such as the green turtles and the coconut crab. This has contributed to the increase in hatchlings. Lodging is also very limited avoiding mass tourism, and rooms are constructed using natural material which blends in with the surrounding nature.

  • The Eco friendly safaris in the Chobe area of Botswana conducted by CO2 emission free, electric game viewing 4WD vehicle and safari boats. This was the first lodge to introduce such eco-friendly safaris. The electricity that charges the batteries of these vehicles comes from the hydro-electric schemes of the Victoria Falls and is therefore fully-renewable energy, making it not only CO2 free but also a silent safari avoiding disrupting the surrounding wildlife with the rumbling noises of the diesel motors. Travellers can also benefit from this by indulging fully in the soft sounds of the African bush.

Send us a message should you wish to receive more information about our routes.

Word and images by Mandy Farrugia from IFEMA MADRID - FITUR 2017

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