Monday, February 25, 2019


Sometimes we think of the bush as a wild, uncomfortable and maybe even dusty place…

Sometimes, though, the BUSH can be as wild and cozy, as comfortable as relaxing, as clean and perfumed that one cannot even believe it!

I have spend a great week-end tasting the beauty of it.
I left the office early on Friday and was back Sunday afternoon.  I had time to experience the feeling that surrounds each place in Africa.

Welcoming us were a couple from Belgium that arrived last March (March 2018) and the lodge was open only in August 2018.  It always takes a few months to run it properly and smoothly.

I must say that the staff has had a great training because it was up to standard of the price and the elegance of the place.

The pictures are talking, I bet you can see from yourself.

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