Tuesday, February 12, 2019



You may drive a long way, through bushes, over dunes, among high stems of the golden Kaokoland grass, but once you reach any African River, there is nothing so beautiful.

Can you hear the silence there is all around you?
Can you see the colors that change each hour of the day?
Can you see the shadows of the trees on the hot white sand going along with the sun rays?

I step out of my car and I fell unstable but excited. The grass is tall and green. It bends as the breeze blows through. I know that same breeze brings the smell of me around and around i don't know who exactly hides in any of the small bushes or behind any abandoned log, or in the shadow of a cliff.

It is a sensation that makes you realize how out of place one can be in such a beautiful place.                     The roar of the car is unpleasant, it roars wrong. 

The engine does not belong to a pace like this. It is nice when I turn it off and stillness appears at once. Only the songs of the birds. The many different birds because different are the songs.

Lamberto steps out and goes on the watch on a big rock standing on the banks of the river just as it makes a small turn. You can see both ways and each way is quite.

But it is time to go, we cross the river and back up towards home, our camp.

All pictures by Susan Frittelli - 2019

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