Thursday, April 4, 2019



It is 5h30 AM
I just peeped out of my bed. I had moved my mattress last night to be right at the edge of the entrance door of my banda.  I lied in bed looking at the stars above me. The sky was dark but the many stars had lit it up as for a luxurious party.

This morning the sky was pale, the sound of the waves almost asleep, the first rays of the sun were just about to peep out behind a marvelous cloud of the shape of whipped cream , when i decided it was time for a walk in the cold, soft sand and a swim in the sea.

Nobody there to bother, nobody speaks words, not even the seagulls fly. They step on the sand leaving behind their typical cute footprints, some small crab crawling out of their borrow to reach for the wave that silently reaches the shore. 

I take a walk on the beach. Naked and alone. On my way back, the color of the sky is turning to its blues and the air feels warmer on my skin. It is time to go back and get dressed. My kikoi is waiting for me with my strew hat on the pole of my banda. The coffee should be arriving in a short time, i had ordered for 7AM.

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