Friday, April 5, 2019



We are approaching the island. I can tell as the blue deep sea is giving space to many small atolls emerging over the surface giving space to the waves to sparkle their waters against the coral walls and show that beautiful white fresh crest.

The island is small and the plane, although a 13 seater, has no space to land.  We need to land on the continent, from there take a “typical-taxi-cart” that takes us to the dock and from there a great 20 minutes boat ride to the white sandy beaches.

Dhow boats are typical of the Indian Ocean. They are made of wood, right on the shores of the beaches, whether on the African shores or on the Indian ones or on the Far Eastern islands. No matter, they are done by hand and worked through with wood, iron and rope.

Patchwork cotton material will be the sail that will lead the wind to blow in it and take you wherever.

Fishermen on main Tanzanian Land

Local fishermen use these boats to go out fishing, others rent it to lodges to have cruises and sundowners with a bottle of champagne.

However you use them they are nice, warm and comfortable. Easy to step in and easy to get off. Easy to jump in the water and go for a nice swim looking for starfish, colored fish and relax in salty waters.

Charlotte Swimming peacefully

CHARLOTTE just made it to land. Happy as usual cannot hold her joy.

But who is that intruder JUMPING on "MY" private shore ?


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