Wednesday, April 3, 2019



Dear Reader

You might be traveling to Namibia and of course, you will be going by the coast.

This marvelous coast of the Skeleton Coast. 

Nestled in a corner of the sandy coast, there is Walvis Bay… a harbor, but also nearby it has an interesting lagoon

Here, each year, whales form the cold Antarctica Waters come and give birth to their small ones, or make a stop in the cozy water of the lagoon…. They stay for some times and it is nice seeing them around.

But you won’t be missing the many dolphins, the seals, the pelicans, the cormorants, the seagull, ….  All waiting for fresh fish just like we do when we stop at one of the most important restaurant of the whole cost: 

Anchor’s @ The Jetty Restaurant

Still a typical fishermen’s restaurant with nets, peddles, wooden table, surf-tables, candles and lanterns.

Ask for the owners…. They are lovely people !  
Ms Lindy Meyer
Tell them you are my friend …. 

Stop for a drink, a good tasty cold dry glass of white wine, with the cacochas !

It’s a great moment to enjoy a before-dinner snack, sitting overlooking the bay and Pelican Point Lodge ! – The best place in town to overnight !

Taste the juicy “fish-platter” brought to the table with its black frying pan sizzling and giving out that marvelous sense of fish !


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