Susan in Africa


I was born from a New York-born-n-raised-mother and a father who was born in one of the smallest but quietest town on the hills of Umbria, overlooking Tevere River, in Penna in Teverina.

I was born speaking English and Italian. My mother’s family had studied in Swiss colleges and therefore they all thought I should at least speak three or four languages right from the beginning.

When I finished school I started working in an American company that had several subsidiaries in many counties and one also in Milano where I was staying after I finishing my specialization in finance in Salzburg to work as a future controller.

From this presentation you may see that my World was already wide.... Not enough, though.
My first job consisted in being part of a team working on one of the biggest project this company had won; the installation of a telecommunication network in a country that did not even had electricity: Nigeria.
After working on all the big piles of contracts and addendum, participating to the many meeting of top management and finance, the work finally landed in the due country! And together with the contract I decided to join it in!

SUSAN IN NIGERIA  -  1977 - 1985

Nigeria: my really first impact with Africa. I knew many of the worries people were telling about and other worries I had to tell to all the mechanic and electricians that were leaving for Nigeria to work for this great job. So, I was a bit aware of the country.

But when I landed....  I fell in LOVE!
Not only with the country itself but also with the eyes, the hands, the smile of the Nigerian people. So warm, so strong, so easy and so mysterious! So wonderfully African!

SUSAN IN ETHIOPIA  -  1986 - 1991

He came and fetch me determined that I was the one that had to follow him all the way, all his life! But as all Italian men, "all the way" and "all the life" has a wide meaning.
For me too, I must confess. This is the reason why I liked him: I understood immediately that he would never ask me to marry him as instead had happened with few previous boyfriends I had from whom I had to ran away not to be trigged in the net. He was not after a family with children and had not even a fixed and solid job. This put me at ease and my life started a new era with Marco

He was interested in tribes and I had the knowledge of the bush.
He was interested in discovering and I liked nomadism.
He then dreamt to have a house in Africa and I found one with a wide thatched roof that still is ours today
He also dreamt to have his own company and I set up KALAHARI AFRICA that still is doing well now.
He kept on dreaming and I kept on amplifying and adding further dreams to his. We were great together and strong! All successful, all beautiful, all wild.

SUSAN IN NAMIBIA  -  1991 - now

The family grew larger: Charlotte was born in October 1991 and Lamberto was born in November 1999 just while we were organizing a big party for New Years Eve 2000 having rent a large part of the Namib Desert.

We changed the way of proposing tourism to the public: we decided that there was no need for formal catalogues to sell trips. Trips had to be tailor-made, on the perfect size of the customer traveling. Tailored for their dreams, for their needs, for their moods.

At a certain point, Marco stopped dreaming, .....,pity, I kept on opening other windows in all my dreams shelves till I came across with BLOGGER